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Mary J. Blige Discusses Controversial Burger King Commercial

I’m pretty sure everyone knows about Mary J’s infamous Burger King commercial, with the catchy jingle that broke down how to make a crispy chicken by adding crispy chicken, fresh lettuce, three cheeses, french dressing, wrapped up in a tasty flour tortilla. Recent Mary J. Blige went on Hot 97 to discuss how she felt about the whole situation.

“I just felt that there was no need for me to say anything, because everyone was running with it and running with it and just crucifying me and going crazy and going in. I said it’s too much going on for me to try and stick my head out there and say anything, so I just pulled back and watched everyone and everything. And it’s just something that I thought would’ve been a branding opportunity, I went online to listen to the remix I did with Fat Joe and I’m looking for that. I’m looking for “Another Round,” and all I could see is Burger King, and chicken, and buffoonery…..and it just broke my heart. But the thing that hurt me is when people were just starting to say vicious negative things that had nothing to do with that. What this did it exposed everyone and everything that was in my life and it showed me who my friends are. So many people reached out to me on the level of ‘we know what you were trying to do, we saw how it went terribly wrong’ when I wanted to just crawl under the bed. It was a mistake, you know when you look at it at the end of the day… know because people look at it as a mistake. But I did it because I thought it was something that wouldn’t come out like that.  “

When it’s all said and done, many people found the commercial comical, but not because it was a black person singing about crispy chicken, but because it was just funny. One quote I always remember is from Deepak Chopra which states, “Most times the way we see the world is a reflection of how we see ourselves”. The main people who had a problem with this commercial was mostly older blacks who have been subjected to more racial discremination than the youth. And in fear of feeling that we were giving other racist a chance to stereotype us, they caused an uproar. From there, the media ran with it and made it look even worst that what it was.

To me, this was nothing more than a McDonalds song that went, “Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuces, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.” Bad thing about that, I don’t even eat beef and still remember that jingle. lol

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Snoop Fined For Marijuana Possession In Norway

Uhhhh, who would be surprised by this? Actually I’m surprised that they actually charged him for this. Everyone knows that Snoop Dogg is known for having Marijuana and more than likely is going to have it on him. Recently the custom officials of Kjevic Airport stopped Snoop and found him in possession of 8 grams of marijuana. Luckily for Snoop anything below 15 grams is punishable by fine. So cost for Snoop’s possession charge was 12,000 Norwegian Krone, which equals up to $1,980.13. Snoop paid the money with no problem and is still schedule to perform at the Hove Festival later tonight.

In all, I think someone was trying to meet their quota and knew this would be as easy as taking candy from a baby.

Rolling Stones New Logo By Shepard Fairey

Recently Rolling Stones asked for their logo to be redesigned by Shepard Fairey to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. The logo displays the iconic tongue sticking out with the wording, “The Rolling Stones/Fifty Years”, around it. Also they are planning a new album and tour and are planning to work with Jack White. Date of album and tour has not been determined as of yet.

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I Beat Daily (@iBeatDaily) Beat Battle – It Only Takes One

Written by: Femi – (@DJ_OLU)

Only Takes One
“It only takes one.” Was the repetitive phrase of the night at the annual “I beat daily” music competition that was held on Tuesday June 26th, 2012. North of the 2nd largest music driven city in the United states sits a small, but well-recognized studio also known as “The Artist Factory”, which has recorded some of Atlanta’s notorious rappers, Mykko Montana being among the masses. This studio was the setting or stage for what will soon be described as an eventful and experience healthy night. Producers from all over the United States sent in tracks to enter the competition, but only 16 were chosen to stand on the stage and have their music critiqued by some of Atlanta’s musically accomplished figure heads including representatives like Tmah Wayne of Konvict music, Peniece Le Gall of S.E.S.A.C. and Grand Hustle. 

With only four rounds to “show me what you got” all of the producers came with their heavy hitters. Round one consisted of a head to head free for all. Two at a time each producer battled with two tracks showcasing 30 seconds of their masterpiece. After all is said and done the judges decided which of each pair would advance to the next round, “And man were these judges hunting for heads.” With comments like “that lacked originality” or “I’ve heard that one before” these judges weren’t cutting any slack, on the upside some of the producers highly impressed the judges and were offered contact information on the spot, getting them one step closer to their dream. With Round two the producers were allowed 45 seconds to display 3 tracks in the same head to head format, which revealed and told a story about a lot of their styles and inspirations. From Cali swag to dub-step most of these producers had a signature that begged to differ from the rest, but again like one of the judge’s nicely quoted “You don’t come to a fight to only block punches ,s*** you gotta swing.” And that blocking punches mentality is what got some of the producers cut from the next round.

With only 4 producers standing round 3 quickly intensified with a new set of rules “No Hip-Hop” but still abiding with the head to head,3 tracks, 45 seconds format. After a close battle and careful deliberation on what sells two produces were chosen to battle in the final round. Even though there were  a plethora of talented producers, only one could be chosen for the grand prize of $500, but many of the producers left the studio with prize’s that could only be appraised as priceless, “experience,” and “connections.” “It only takes one” said Tmah as he offered words of encouragement to the producers in attendance. “Keep working at your craft, and Keep doing you.” All it takes is that one hit for you to make it.  “It only takes one.”

Shoutout to Rob 2K for his win at the, “I Beat Daily”, Beat Battle.

To find out the date of the next, “I Beat Daily” Beat Battle follow: @iBeatDaily / @AnR_Management

Rick Ross Feat. Gunplay, Stalley, Wale, Meek Mill & Kendrick Lamar – Power Circle (Official Video)

Checkout the video for Rick Ross’ song, “Power Circle”, featuring Gunplay, Stalley, Wale, Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar.


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G.O.O.D. Music Compilation Release Date

Finally it’s official! The G.O.O.D. Music Compilation CD titled, “Cruel Summer”, is scheduled to drop August 7. I can’t lie, this is probably one of my most anticipated albums this year just because I know it’s going to be something different.

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Casey Veggie Signs Deal With Roc Nation Management

To be honest, I am not suprised by this artists being signed and Jay-Z noticing him. Even though I was on this artists late in the game, he does have one of the hottest mixtapes out right now. If you haven’t checked out Casey Veggie recent mixtape, “Peas & Carrots”, definitely make sure to check it out. 

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Chris Brown And Drake Offered 1 Million Dollars To Fight

Yes! that is correct, Damon Feldman the creator of Celebrity Boxing has offered Chris Brown and Drake 1 million dollars to box each other. If they agree the fight will take place on August 25 at the Staple Center in Los Angeles. But get this, the proceeds from the fight will go to abused women… Can you say, Irony? But I hope they decide to go through with this and who ever wins gets to kiss Rihanna in front of the loser. That way we can at least get two more great cd’s from either artist who’s heart gets broken.

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Jimmy Henchman Involved In Tupac Shooting

James Rosemond aka Jimmy Henchman has been on the news and every Hip-Hop blog for the past few week. With charges ranging from running a multi-million dollar cocaine distribution ring, to arranging the murder of 50 Cent associate Lowell Fletcher back in 2009. With those charges alone, I think he has enough to worry about and now it has come out that they have an official transcript obtained by The Village Voice that includes a statement made by Jimmy Henchman that he was involved in the 1994 ambush at New York City’s Quad Studios that left rapper Tupac Shakur shot five times. Even-though Tupac survived that shooting, I know people and even I are wondering, “was he the one who conspired Tupac’s murder in 1996?” If he isn’t already, that I’m sure will make him the MOST HATED MAN IN AMERICA.

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Beyonce Jumps In Mosh Pit For Jay-Z & Kanye West Performance

I will say one thing, even though I’m not a huge Beyonce fan, she definitely puts on for her man. Don’t believe me, checkout Beyonce joining the crowd when Jay-Z and Kanye West performs, “N*ggas In Paris” at Hackney Weekend 2012. Also checkout Jay-Z and Kanye’s full performance below.

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