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Lupe’s “Food & Liquor 2” Cover Art Is Inspired By Johnny Cash?

I must admit when I first show Lupe Fiasco’s cover art for, “Food And Liquor 2”, I would have thought it was inspired by Jay Z’s “The Black Album”, but in a recent interview Lupe’s discusses that the inspiration came from Johnny Cash and one of his songs called, “The Man In Black”. But knowing Lupe, I should have knew it would have a deeper meaning to it.

“One of the main reasons why it’s all black was there’s a song called ‘Man in Black’ by the late, great Johnny Cash. People always ask me, because I wear black on stage and I stay in black, ‘Why do you stay in black? Why is the album cover all black?’ And I say, just listen to Johnny Cash’s ‘The Man in Black.’ The reason he wore black was because he wore it for the prisoner who has long paid for his crime. There’s meaning behind it.”

But checkout his interview with FUSE’s Ashanti.

[via HipHopDX]


Video: 2 Chainz – B.O.A.T.S. Episode 4

Checkout 2 Chainz episode 4 of B.O.A.T.S. while he performs at the House Of Blues in Los Angeles California.

Lil Wayne Discusses Release Date For “I Am Not A Human Being 2”

Lil Wayne discussed the release date for his next album titled, “I Am Not A Human Being 2”. Even though it has been delayed he finally states that it will be released on Nov 13. Some songs from the album have already been released, like “My Homie Still”, which features Big Sean and the song “No Worries”.

[via HipHopBlog]

Listen: Rihanna “Diamonds”

Checkout Rihanna new song titled “Diamonds”. Pretty sure this will be a fan favorite and also I loving the image her her “rolling up” with diamonds.

Video: No Doubt “Push And Shove” feat. Busy Signal, Major Lazer

Checkout music group, “No Doubt”, new video and song titled, “Push And Shove featuring Busy Signal and Major Lazer.

Justin Timberlake Previews Myspace Relaunch

Last year Timberlake stated that he was one of the new owners of the out dated site Myspace and with it he stated that he was going to take some time off to brainstorm on how to create something new and innovative to relaunch it at it’s best. It seems if his time off is being used well, because the new layout is  hot and the features for it is something I can all ARTists using.

With the layout, it looks like a mixture of Facebook meets Instagram with a drop of Pinterest to keep people interested why on the site. One of the main things I love about the new Myspace is that you can create a playlist from songs that you like from other people and also the artists you select as your favorite, you will have a chance to display your own profile on their page showing that you are one of their #1 fans.

Date as of when the site will be relaunched has not been stated as of yet, but checkout of the video teaser of the new Myspace.

[via MTV]

Audio: Wiz Khalifa – Remember You ft. The Weeknd

Checkout Wiz Khalifa’s new song, “Remember You featuring The Weeknd.

Trae Tha Truth’s (@TraeABN) Speakeasy At Tree Sound Studios

Last Thursday, I had the privilege to be invited to Tree Sound Studios’ Speakeasy Dinner for the well known Texas artist Trae Tha Truth. Mali Hunter, 3 Little Digs and Grand Hustle presented this event to celebrate Trae Tha Truth’s new mixtape release of “Tha Blackprint” which has over 240,000 mixtape views on To show, support many celebrities came out to congratulate him on his success such as DJ Scream, DJ Smallz, Lil Duval, Lloyd, Waka Flocka Flame and T.I. just to name a few.

One thing about a Tree Sound event is that you always feel like you’re at home. No matter your reason for attending, you get to really know people better. PLUS! the GREAT food always prepared by Mali herself. But as the event went along and everyone entered, “The Cave”, to get ready for Trae Tha Truth to take the stage, T.I. stated one thing that made me understand why the people at the event were the way they were.

“In this industry, it’s not often you get to work with a Real N*gga and right now in my life, I will work with a real n*gga over money any day.”

And as people say, “Real Recognize Real”. Nothing but real people felt the need to come out and show love to an ARTist (I like to say) who has stayed real with themselves. As Trae Tha Truth took the stage, everyone applauded him for his hard work in the rap game. After speaking, Trae decided that he wanted to turn up and go ahead and perform for the crowd which was a performance not to be missed. Checkout the video above as he spits a verse from his song, “Choppa Talk” and then performs “I Got Em” with Waka Flocka Flame. Watch as DGBSM goes crazy in the crowd!

Trae Tha Truth At His Speakeasy For His Mixtape The Blackprint at Tree Sound Studios

T.I. At Trae Tha Truth's Speakeasy At Tree Sound Studios

D Bo, Waka Flocka Flame and Dae Dae At Trae Tha Truth's Speakeasy For His Mixtape The Blackprint at Tree Sound Studios

Trae Tha Truth's Speakeasy For His Mixtape The Blackprint at Tree Sound Studios

Danny! Performs “Evil” On “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

Thursday night artists, “Danny!” perform his song titled, “Evil” on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” to promote his album, “Payback” which will be released on 9/25/2012.

Checkout, “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon”, with Danny!’s tv debut at the end.

Kanye West Sex Tape Being Shopped Out

EVERYONE knows about Kim Kardashian’s sex tape that was with her and singer/songwriter Ray J, but not it seems that Kanye West has been getting his shine on infront of jvc cam corder. It was recently stated that Kanye West has a sex tape out as well that is about 20 minutes long and features a women who look very similar to Kim Kardashian. Well at least we can say he has a preference.

Also according to, who claims they have seen the video, says the lady claims to be married and states:

My husband and I don’t have sex anymore… that’s why I’m here!”

also they stated that he wore a condom and the two never kissed, plus an insider stated:

“The sex tape is being shopped right now and there’s a lot of interest, but Kanye is freaking out!” 

“He doesn’t want this tape out and will do anything to make sure it stays private.

“If this were to hit the market it would be worth a fortune… there would definitely be a lot of people wanting to see this!

“In my expert opinion Kanye’s performance far outweighs Kim’s!”

If this tape comes out, I wonder if Kim Kardashian will be as happy with him as he was with her.

[via FreddyO]