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Kim Kardashian Wants To Have Kanye’s Babies

recently it was stated that Kim not only really wants to marry Kanye West, but she also hope to have his babies, twins to be exact. Recently she was looking forward to using a surrogate, but it’s seeming like she really would like to take the role of a real mother as well.

“Kim originally planned to use a surrogate to preserve what she calls her ‘money-maker,’ that being her curvaceous shape,” a source close to Kim told The ENQUIRER. “But after their trip to Italy, she said, ‘All I want now is to be Kanye’s wife and the mother of his babies. I don’t care WHAT it does to my figure!’”

“Kim wants to make sure her first delivery will be twins,” says the source. “But before that happens, Kim and Kanye plan to tie the knot in a lavish $20 million wedding as soon as her divorce from Kris Humphries is final.”

[via HipHopBlog]


T.I. Convicted Felons Are Able To Vote?

I know for years, I thought once you are convicted of a felony you are not able to vote. With that said, T.I. is one artists that I would think wouldn’t have the privilege to, but he is showing people to ALWAYS FIND OUT THE LAW!

In an interview with MTV, T.I. even though a convict felon, he is eligible to vote because he is off of probation and basically because has done his time. This is something that anyone with a criminal background needs to know and also understand what their options are.

“I am able to vote because I have served my time, I’m off probation, so I can re-register just like each and all of you can. If you are off from probation, you are not serving a sentence — matter of fact, if you are out on bond and have not yet been convicted, you also may vote.”

“I’m going to make it my business to go out there and vote.”

[via HipHopBlog]

Video: Phene (@Phene) Runnin’ (Word To Dilla)

ARTists Phene goes in on the classic J Dilla instrumental for the song, Runnin’. Checkout the music video, Runnin’ (Word To Dilla)

Video: Ludacris “Representin” Feat. Kelly Rowland (Explicit)

Listen: Lloyd “Night and Day” Feat. DJ Scream, Lil Wayne and Trae Tha Truth

It’s about time! Lloyd is definitely one of the only male singers that I feel can out shine Trey Songz right now. Recently dropping his new song, “Night and Day” featuring DJ Scream, Lil Wayne and Trae Tha Truth. This song plays of the old song created by Al B. Sure “Night and Day”. Checkout the song and let us know what you think.

Promo Video: The Weeknd “Trilogy – November 13” *New Song Snippet*

As everyone knows now, The Weeknd is definitely building up the anticipation of the release of his mixtape trilogy pack and now he has dropped another promo video that give you another snippet of another song that will be included in the pack! Really right now, I’m just want to hear one song of The Weeknd that I say, “I Don’t Like This One”. Well, It wasn’t today, so checkout his new promo video to build your anticipation for November 13.

Video: Meek Mill “Young & Gettin’ It” feat. Kirko Bangz

Checkout Meek Mill’s video for his song titled, “Young & Gettin’ It” featuring Kirko Bangz

Video: Rogue (@TheRogueMC) – “Dope Lyric Society” (HammerDance remix)

Checkout ARTist, Rogue, new video for song titled, “Dope Lyric Society“.

Video: Nicki Minaj “Va Va Voom”

Checkout Nicki Minaj’s new video for her song titled, “Va Va Voom“.

Mixtape Review: JerZ “It’s Just The Beginning” hosted by: DJ SR, DJ IceBerg, DJ Genius

I must say, most times when artists want me to do a review on there mixtape, or album, I end up finding it hard to state whats good about the cd, but I definitely can say Jerz made it very easy for me to give a review for his mixtape cd titled, “It’s Just The Beginning” hosted by DJ SR, DJ Iceberg and DJ Genius. All I can say is I hope this is only the beginning, because I’m definitely ready to hear whats to come. As most know, I’m a fan of lyrics, but also production and with both blended together, it will make a great orchestration. That is definitely what Jerz delivers and supplies his listeners with.

On the cd you will hear features from other known artists rising like Sy Ari Da Kid and Lo Key. Plus productions by Starborn, DJ Burn One, LoveLe’Musiq, EXPress Creations, Young Jerz, SEF Millz, but I do feel if Jerz had to personally keep working with one producer on his mixtape to make that perfect collaboration it will definitely be L’s. I found myself putting most songs produced by L’s on REPEATED Repeat. Probably because with the blend of real life Lyrics placed nicely over dramatic/calm beat makes for the best riding music when cruising at night and just like Jerz says in his song titled, “Be A Man”, “I smoke some L’s from this beat by L’s then lace it”, that is exactly what he does. Giving that instrumental the last piece needed to make it memorable.

I can’t wait to see the growth from this artists in the future, because I feel he knows the sound and style he is looking for and Trust Me! there are a lot of artists still trying to find there sound and have been rapping for a while. So make sure to definitely checkout Jerz’s mixtape, “It’s Just The Beginning“.

Top 5 Songs On The CD (No Order):

JerZ Feat. Pirula & Lo Key – Be A Man [Prod. By L’s]
JerZ Feat. Pirula – Bacc To The Future [Prod. By L’s]
JerZ Feat. Sy Ari Da Kid – Hazee [Prod. By L’s]
JerZ – Havin Fun Pt. 2 (Questions)
JerZ – Take Em Bacc