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T.I.’s “Trouble Man” Listening Party At Tree Sound Studio #TroubleMan #TreeSound


This past Friday, I had the privilege to go to Tree Sound Studio for a Dinner specially cooked by Mali herself and a Sneak Peak listening session of T.I.’s upcoming album, “Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head”, which will be released Tuesday, December 18th. When I tell you that this album has to be one of T.I. best work, I am not building it up in any way. For anyone who is a REAL T.I. fan, you will understand when I say this album definitely made me feel like the first time I listen to his “I’m Serious” album. Yeah… “Trouble Man” is that good. One thing that made me love this album was because T.I. took it back to the art of story telling life situations, or even predicaments that some or many have been in. Plus on this album, T.I. has 3 interludes that explains 3 main situations that happened to him in his life and were publicized. Want to know what those situations were? want to hear how it all went down from the “King” himself? Make sure to buy the album.

Also on the album, T.I. has features from artists such as Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky, Lil Wayne, R. Kelly, Cee-Lo Green, Akon, D.O.P.E., Andre 3000 and P!nk. Now, I will be honest when I heard that T.I. had a song with P!nk, I definitely wanted to know how that was gonna turn out, but once I heard the song, “Guns and Roses” you definitely knew that 2 creative geniuses came together to make a masterpiece. Last thing, If I have to pick a favorite song from the selected songs heard, I must say “The Introduction” is my favorite right now. That has to be one of the hardest, tone setting intro songs I’ve heard in while. To the point, this CD for me will not be bought on iTunes and dropped on my phone, I have to cop the actual CD. Because trust me, theirs nothing like spending 10 minutes fighting with the plastic wrapping on an album, putting the cd in your car stereo and seeing that the fight with that wrapping was well worth it.


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