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Event Pics: #A3C Meek Mill + LeCrae Perform At The BET Music Matters Stage

Meek Mill, Lacrae, BET, Music Matters, A3C

Meek Mill, Lacrae, BET, Music Matters, A3C

This Thursday for Hip Hop/Film Festival A3C, Terminal West became the place to be as the day crept in to the night, artist LeCrae hit the stage and performed right before Fort Knox made a guest host appearance and got the crowd even more riled up with the anticipation of MMG’s own Meek Mill performing as the headliner of the night. Once Meek hit the stage, he started off the event by performing his song, “Intro” off of his album, Dreams and Nightmares, which everyone rapped verbatim with the artists all the way to build up and the place became a big ass mosh pit. Giving about a 30 minute set, Meek took some time and performed some of his new songs off of his mixtape, Dreamchasers 3, with some of his club bangers such as, “House Party” and “I’m A Boss” and ended the show with his song tribute “Lil N*gga Snupe” to his rap protege, Lil Snupe, who was murdered earlier this year, but right when everyone thought that the show was gonna end and Meek was making is way off the stage, the song “Level” started playing and he ran back on to the stage stating, “We Can’t End The Show Without This Song!” giving everyone a star studded performance before ending for the night.

Checkout some of the pictures below from the event and performance:

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