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Jagged Edge’s Kyle Norman Arrested For Assault & Shoving Engagement Ring Down Fiancée’s Throat

Hosea feed the hungry, Jagged Edge, Demetria Mckinney, Jermaine Dupri,

Hosea feed the hungry, Jagged Edge, Demetria Mckinney, Jermaine Dupri,

Early Thursday morning, Jagged Edge RnB singer Kyle Norman was arrested on aggrevated assault charges for beating is fiance and shoving her engagement ring down her throat.

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Arrested by Atlanta police department, Kyle L. Norman was apprehended after a call around 5 AM when they were called to the residence in the 200 block of Peters Street in a reference to a ‘a fight between an engaged couple’.

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When police arrived, they were met by Norman’s fiancé who was visibly shaken from the altercation. Norman’s fiancé then began to state that he became irate after they had an argument about him drinking to much and stated to her that “She was gonna die today”.

She told police that Norman ended up punching her and choked her with a scarf she was wearing around her neck and then proceeded to shove her engagement ring down her throat. Afterward, he took her keys and broke her phone.

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To calm him down, she stated that began to agree with Norman with anything he was stating. After calming down, Norman began to walk away inside their loft and she ran and grabbed his cell phone and ran outside were she was able to wake up a neighbor who let her inside.

When police arrived, Norman was not at the residence, but was found by the police running down the sidewalk. As he was approached by the police it was stated that Norman turned around and shouted “I NEED TO GO TO JAIL!”

He reportedly told the police officer that he was upset about his dad having cancer and that’s the reason he ended up getting so mad at his fiancée.

Norman has now booked at the Fulton County Jail on a charge of aggravated assault according to AJC and is due to see a judge on January 30th at 11AM.

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