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Suge Knight Gets Into Fight And Kills Friend In Hit-And-Run

Tupac Shakur, Hollywood star,

Tupac Shakur, Hollywood star,

I’m not even gonna go in on this story, but it is looking like Suge Knight could truly use a break from life right now.

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According to TMZ, the notorious rap mogul got into a fight while on set of a film project, where Dr. Dre, Game, and Ice Cube were shooting.

A fight reportedly broke out between Suge and two crew members. Suge returned to his car, put the vehicle in reverse, and ran over a bystander before fleeing the scene.

The two men who fought Suge were said to be the instigators. Sources say that Suge was scared because of his frail health. He was shot six times during a pre-VMA after-party last August, and recently almost died from a blood clot.

The victim is reportedly Terry Carter, who is a friend of Suge’s. A second man, Cle “Bone” Sloane, who’s appeared in movies including Training Day and End of Watch, suffered non-life threatening injuries.

A by stander who filmed the accident on his phone stated:

“When he runs over Bone, Terry’s in the driveway, in front of his car, and he runs over Terry, smashes his head and everything,”

“He’s not even breathing. They’re trying to resuscitate him right now. Don’t look like he gonna make it.”

When the ambulance reached the scene, they tried to resuscitate the victim, but was unsuccessful. It is reported that their was a witness in Suge’s truck who will be a major witness in the case. It was first updated that cop was on the lookout for Suge Knight as they had found his vehicle, but no Suge insight. Now it has been confirmed by ABC7 new with a call from Suge’s Lawyer that Suge was person who was driving the truck at the time of the fatal hit-and-run in Compton and will be turning himself in to the sheriff’s deputies.

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