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This New App Will Take Your Instagram Stalker Game To A New Level

instasnoop app

instasnoop app

Instasnoop just might be an Instagram stalker‘s dream app. If you are one of those people who like to checkout people’s Instagram page and find yourself 72 weeks in trying not to accidentally hit like on their picture, or are you a person who starts looking up people on Instagram to see who they really are, then this app was made just for you.

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The Instasnoop lets you do all of this with no worry and even more. If you have an iPhone and love to stalk celebrities and people you have come to love, or hate on IG, this new app lets you do so without being worried that they will find out. Downloading the app you are able to login to your own Instagram account and view without worrying about liking pictures you have reason to be on. Also, love looking at the those famous none modeling, Instagram Models? Well Instasnoop also allows you to you zoom in and just so you can make sure everything is ‘real’ in their picture.

And to take your IG stalking game to the next level, it also has a feature called the Snooplist which lets you invisibly follow the accounts of people you don’t follow officially without letting them know. Want to follow, but don’t want to follow someone? Add them to the snooplist and WALA! you will be able to see their time line on it without upping their follower count.

And if you want to save a picture and come back to it later? Instasnoop allows you to save pictures to your snooplist as well for you to stare angrily at your boyfriends ex-girlfriend’s eyes, show your homie the bad none modeling, IG Model you were talking about, or have an event flyer of a promoter you don’t like.

I say, tell all your haters about this app so that they can keep up with your daily successes and the moves you make, while sulking about their daily ‘on cycle’ life. So now, go stalk the world at your own convenience!


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