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2 Chainz’s ‘Dabbin Santa’ Christmas Sweaters Make Over $2 Million!!!

2 Chainz

2 Chainz

When it comes to Christmas Sweaters, Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz‘s ‘Dabbin Santa‘ Christmas Sweater has been the one on everyone’s wishlist. Well seems like the 2 Chainz, Street Execs and TRU Foundation are doing great with sales as according to Forbes, the holiday sweater brought in more than $2 million.

From sales, 2 Chainz isn’t the type of artist who would pocket all of the money and say thank you and dissappear, with the sales of the Dabbin Santa sweater, the ATL born and raised artist took to the streets to give back to many people in need as one of his biggest stories was of him giving a disabled veteran who was a single mother free rent for a year all while furnishing her entire apartment. After hearing a story of how her son (who is not even a teenager) created his own business to try to help his mom out as she was having problems finding a job, 2 Chainz surpised the young man’s mom with something she would never forget. Afterwards 2 Chainz even gave another family in need a new minivan, all from the money that was raised with sweaters.

Honestly, this shows the TRUUUUUUU meaning of Christmas.

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