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Tech: $20,000 Can Get You A REAL Hoverboard

hoverboard, skywalker, arcaboard

hoverboard, skywalker, arcaboard

It’s good to see that we are on the right target to where the movie Back To The Future says we would be in 2015. In 2015, hoverboards, or Skywalkers many like to call them were the new thing many people were looking to get their hands on this year. Even though they didn’t float above land, skywalkers took singular transportation to another level as many could be seen throughout the city smoothly rolling through the streets. Now ARCA Space Corporation takes things to another level as they announce the creation of the ArcaBoard.

ArcaBoard, an electric powered flying machine with 272 horsepower and 203,000 watts of installed power is the most powerful and lightest personal vehicle ever created. ArcaBoard represents total freedom of movement, total freedom of travel. ArcaBoard is a personal vehicle that can move in every possible direction including upwards.

The ArcaBoard comes in beige, green and blue and length of time it is able to fly depends on weight. If you weight up to 243 pounds, it will give about 3 minutes of flight time and riders up to 176 pounds can get about 6 minutes.

The retail price is set at $19,900 and separate charging unit which costs $4,500. Soooo, it if you have money to throw and decide that this week, the stripclub is not in your interest, you might want to get an Arcaboard.

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