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Interview: Nick Grant Talks Inspirations, Working With Jason Geter, Sway In The Morning & More

Nick Grant

Nick Grant

Nick Grant has become one rising artist that we have definitely come a fan of and will even say, one of the rappers to watch for 2016. From killer freestyles at Sway in the Morning, to his remarkable lyrical content in songs such as “Jungle” and “Gold Chains”, Grant shows that he can stand outside the box of many artist rising today. As we feature artists of many genres, Nick Grant is one rapper who will make many Hip Hop legends proud and an artist we feel will definitely has a bright future ahead of him. So before the 2016 kicks in, we caught up with the rising artist to find out more about him and to let our fans get to know who to watch for.

WCIC: With being the youngest of 4 kids. What aspirations do you feel you may have received from your older siblings? And what have they done to help your career?
NG: I think most younger siblings aspire to be accepted by their older siblings and feel cool, so I did that by listening to the music they were listening to. I was blessed that they happened to have impeccable taste in music like Nas, Jay, Biggie, Big Daddy Kane, Outkast, Scarface, UGK and artists along those lines. I also was raised primarily by my grandparents so there was a lot of Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder and Curtis Mayfield being played in the house. So that’s how they contributed to my career; they gave me a solid foundation to start my career.

WCIC: How did you and Cyhi The Prynce connect to do your song “Royalty”?
NG: I met Cyhi on the open mic circuit in Atlanta and we respected each other lyrically and our mission to help push the culture forward. We lost touch but my manager Jason Geter re-introduced us and put the play together.

WCIC: For your first freestyle session on Sway In The Morning, How did it come about?
NG: It came about last minute by management team, they put that together. I was ready for the opportunity though.

WCIC: After killing the freestyle on Sway did you receive any accolades from other rappers you look up to today?
NG: Sway’s stamp meant the world because he really appreciates lyrics and he’s been a huge supporter of my movement. Also, after seeing the video, it was cool to see Jeezy vibing with me. And I got a lot of love from people texting me and reaching out through social media. The biggest accolade I received was just making myself proud, which can be hard cause I’m hard on myself.

WCIC: Who are some of your past and present inspirations that you look up to in the music industry?
NG: Of course as I mentioned before, Nas, Jay, Andre 3k, Lauryn Hill but I also like what J. Cole and Kendrick are doing.

WCIC: 2 of my favorite punchlines you spit is “Life is a b***h, that p***y is deep as a Cali gang” & “Ferrari engine be sounding like a million n***as grunting” do you have a punchline(s) that make you have the ‘stank face’ or think “what in the world was I thinking to come up with that?”
NG: Man, really I say it’s from Above. I got a line in my song, “The Jungle,” where I say, ‘God writes my verses.’ After I write, sometimes I can’t believe how I came up with it. But I’m inspired by everything around me, just life and this journey I’m on.

WCIC: We heard that you are working with the legend Jason Geter. How has working with him helped to boost, or develop your career?
NG: JG is a legend in my mind, just look at his track record, he doesn’t work with everybody and those that he has worked with, they are great artists. I think I did a lot of developing myself over the years, so aligning myself with Jason now is perfect timing. I learn a lot every time I’m around him and that’s priceless.

WCIC: In an era of streaming and artists being able to create their own fan base do you see a need to be signed to label if it comes to you?
NG: I’m just open to the right opportunity but I’m not in a rush. Creating classic music is my main priority and I’m confident that everything that I’m supposed to have will fall into place.

WCIC: Who are some artists you’d wish to work with in the future?
NG: My shortlist includes J. Cole, Kendrick, Jill Scott, Snoop and Nas.

WCIC: Are you looking to complete an EP, mixtape, or Album for 2016?
NG: I’m working on dropping a mixtape at the top of the year followed by an EP.

WCIC: How is the Hip Hop scene different in ATL than S. Carolina?
NG: ATL is the hotbed right now if you’re into hip-hop and South Carolina has some talented people but there isn’t an outlet for real.

WCIC: What do you do to help you get in the creative process when writing song?
NG: I like to be relaxed and I like calmness to relax my mind. I like to be in a space where I can think.

WCIC: When I first heard “Gold Chains” that one song gave me the same feeling as when I heard J Cole’s ‘Friday Night Light’ for the first time. How did it feel to actually open up for the Roc Nation artist?
NG: I appreciate that. Opening up for J. Cole was a blessing and definitely a highlight of my career.

WCIC: What are some things that you have learned in the music business that you feel every rising should understand while on their rise to success?
NG: Everybody doesn’t have your best interest at heart and to keep working no matter what. It was a time I took a few months off because I got disheartened with the industry politics but I wish I wouldn’t have done that. No matter what, find a way to keep pushing. Also, just because your team works hard doesn’t mean you should slack. Everybody needs to be giving 110%.

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