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Why The Name WhyCauseICan?, logo, whycauseican logoIn the upcoming generation of entrepreneurs, many times we are questioned about what we want to do, why don’t we just get a career, job, or anything else. The thing is, I’ve done the corporate life and had lived my life as most people would see as correctly by the “book of success”. I finished high school, went to college, finished with a Bachelors in Visual Communications and once out, was hired by a very large corporation and was the youngest in my department. From the looks of it, most would say I was living the life, but as drastic changes occurred in an economy that was rapidly crumbling, within 8 months of it I noticed this was not the life for me. I’ve seen people laid off/ fired for the dumbest thing just to keep budget cost low. From people who have worked within a company for 29 years just to get the sorriest surplus package that basically states, “Thank you for your time, but you’re not needed anymore, but here is what we’re willing to give you. Take it or leave it”. From also seeing a company love coffee so much, that instead of cutting coffee, they have to cut employees to keep buying coffee to keep it put in the break rooms. That is hilarious within itself, but that was a reality and a reality for many.

After seeing all that take place, I created Cause I Can Marketing & Advertising which soon created, but while starting on the journey of creating my own company, the one question I was always asked was, “Why do you want to start your own company?”, or “Why do you want to be a media source for music?” Why, Why, Why to the point it really started to sound like whining to me and what does whining do to most people?… It irritates them. Well it irritated me till my response became short and very simple… Cause I Can. Even though it’s a smart alec responses, “Cause I Can” begin to mean to me that I do not have explain to any man what I’m capable of doing when I know what I’m capable of. So when someone asks you, “Why You Do What You Do? simply reply… Cause I Can.

History: was created to help talented underground ARTists get the exposure they needed and deserved. After being in a city where commercial rap has saturated the radio waves, streets and music scenes, we started looking for that type of creativity, that type of ARTistry, or Lyricism that made Rap/Hip-Hop a music genre that moved people in a way that only real life matters could. But Why would we become so determined to bring that back to not only African-American culture, but to the world?… Cause I Can.

Now has become one of Atlanta’s #1 blog sites to find photography recaps on some of the hottest events, news, gossip and artists in the music industry.

In the music industry we have done event coverage (preferably photography) for such events such as:

Previous Event Photography and Write Ups:
Global Winter Wonderland Opening w/ Keri Hilson:
Event Pics: “ATL Live on the Park” with Adrian Marcel + Black Alley:
Morris Chestnut & Regina Hall Attend “The Best Man Holiday” Screening:
Tree Sound Studios’ “A3C Private Dinner Party”:
#A3C Meek Mill + LeCrae Perform At BET Music Matters Stage:
Epic Records “Evening Of Luxury” :
T.I. Debut’s NEW SONG / Grand Hustle BET Block Party:
2013 One Musicfest w/ Snoop Dogg, Goodie Mob, Erykah Badu:
2Chainz Listening Party At Prive In Atlanta:
Red Bull Sound Select w/ Juicy J in Atlanta:
Young Jeezy Partners With Gourmet Footwear :
J Cole’s “Dollar And A Dream” Tour At Center Stage In Atlanta, GA :
#LegalizeLoud Concert w/ MMG’s Stalley & Big K.R.I.T.:
Trinidad James “All Gold Everything” Private Party At Tree Sound Studios:
T.I.’s “Trouble Man” Listening Party:
Big Boi’s Listening Party For #VLDR At Stankonia Studios:
2 Chainz & Travis Porter’s “Charity Christmas Concert”:
BMI’s 15th Annual Showcase Feat. Curren$y | Hosted By Teyana Taylor: Creator

Jerry J White

Jerry “J White” White |

Graduating from American Intercontinental University in September 2007, J White completed college with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and a minor in Marketing. Afterwards, he worked as a freelance graphic/web designer working on company logos, corporate identity, websites and flyers before he picked up a corporate job in his career field. Even though corporate can paid well, it wasn’t self fulfilling, nor did it let him really use his creativity. At the same time J White starting to really notice the influences that music had on his life and with situations occurring around him, music became the main outlet to keep him focused on what needs to be accomplish with prayer. J White has been featured in: Makin It Magazine Article #23 and Schweinbeck + MODinkenya’s “The Panel: Media Edition.

For booking of events, interviews, judges panels email with “Booking” in the subject line with your inquiry.



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