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Mixtape Stream: K’LA (@klathelyricist) “The Gospel”


Gary, IN artist K’LA delivers a new song entitled The Gospel. The strings mixed with snares give a suspenseful feelings.In a world where lies become more attractive than the truth, K’LA speak on seeing the truth. This track will definitely make you bounce and think simultaneously.

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#WCICMusicChoice: Gravez “Stay Tough” Feat. JMSN & ELHAE

JMSN, ELHAE, Gravez new song 'stay tough'

Gravez, JMSN and ELHAE on one song, equals a hit! Well that is what happen as producer Gravez delivers a new song titled “Stay Tough” featuring the two rising male singers. Working on his upcoming EP, the Los Angeles based producer, Gravez, delivers a smooth production that features Detroit’s own, JMSN and Atlanta singer, ELHAE who gives the world both their unique styles that blend perfectly all while the hook states, “Hold Up, Stay Tough”. Listen

#WCICMusicChoice: Stephen Is Stuck Between Love and Hate In “Crossfire”

Stephen new song, 'Crossfire'

From Silverlake, CA, singer / songwriter Stephen has questions that need to be answered from his new song “Crossfire”. In the world today, they’re many that are looking to spread love only to become a victim of hate. With a production that is truly made to be in a movie, Stephen speaks to himself and God to see what is needed to create the world we all truly would love to have, or do we… Listen

#WCICMusicChoice: Karmin “Baby It’s Cold Outside”


Los Angeles based band, Karmin delivers a twist to the 1944 hit song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” by Frank Loesser and his wife Lynn Garland. Rather than making it a sweet, yet persuasive track to have a lover stay over for the Holiday, singer Amy Heidemann takes the song and flips it as she sings the song in a woman’s perspective. From all the reason why she should head home, what people will think if she stays over, all the way to telling herself why she should stay. With soulful vocals backed up by adrenaline pumping dump thumbs, she puts you right in shoes of what many women may have felt when in between what honestly should be done and love. Listen

#WCICMusicChoice: LP Delivers An AMAZING Track Titled “Lost On You”


Los Angeles based singer, LP delivers an amazing song titled, “Lost On You”. From the Wild West feel, her trembling, yet heartfelt vocals, this song is purely amazing (an has probably already received about 20 streams from us on Soundcloud LOL!). Released after her song, “Muddy Waters”, the Vagrant Records artist shows that she gives her all when in a relationship and like many have felt before, it seems that that still wasn’t enough. But more than anything LP is two letters that you won’t forget after you hear her sing. GOOD GRIEF! Where have you been?!!!! Listen

#WCICMusicChoice: Babbit Takes You To A Dark Twisted Fantasy In “Playing Greys”


Rising artist Babbit delivers a new song titled, “Playing Greys”. With a calming piano playing, smooth drum kicks and snares that transitions in to a mellow electro synth that is nicely orchestrated with brass instruments, Babbit’s dubbed vocals will give you a sense of tranquility all while taking you on a journey. With the ending of each verse stating, “You take me round and round like the merry go/
But one more ride baby here we go,” Babbit gives you the sense of speaking of an unhealthy love. Somethings you just can’t resist about some people as you continue to ride the rollercoaster. Listen

#WCICMusicChoice: Sylo Nozra “These Walls” Feat. Avery Florence

Sylo Nozra These Walls Ft. Avery Florence

Toronto-based artist Sylo Nozra delivers a new song titled, “These Walls” featuring Avery Florence. Capturing the raw emotion of a relationship breaking down, Sylo Nozra and Avery Florence give you both sides of a man and a women going through hard times as they reminisce on the past that is gone today. With calming guitar rifts and vocals that could make you love a dreary day, these to delivers an amazing Alt-Rock duet that even a couple would love. Listen

#WCICMusicChoice: Vicktor Taiwò Remake Of Erykah Badu’s “On & On” Is Simply AMAZING!!!

vicktor taiwo, erykah badu remake of 'On & On'

London singer, Vicktor Taiwò delivers a remake of Erykah Badu‘s “On & On” titled, “On & On, Y’all Feel That?” that is simply just amazing. Now everyone knows, if you do a cover of a Queen Badu song, you better come unique, powerful and better be a ‘cold’ sista or brotha. Well I definitely think Badu would give Vicktor that ‘hat tip’ of approval as his track delivers emotion mixed with delusion as to represent people blinded by the words of man, rather than being truly connected to a higher power. With deep drum kicks and the echoing of vocals that drunkenly sways over the production completed by the The Masks, this will either put you into your emotions, or wake you up to see what’s going on around you. Listen

#WCICMusicChoice: CAPPA Rework Of TLC’s “No Scrubs” Brings That Summertime Vibe To Winter

Cappa, TLC, Joe Santana

Indie-pop singer, CAPPA delivers a feel good remake of TLC‘s “No Scrubs” that will make you wish that Summer was right around the corner. BUT with winter right around the corner, you will have to enjoy this song with your car windows for right now. But with the production completed by Joe Santana, the two create an amazing remake that even TLC would be proud of and probably has Left-Eye somewhere in Heaven 2-stepping. Listen

#WCICMusicChoice: @Outasight Sees The Good In Not Being Perfect In “Saints & Sinners”


New York-based artist, Outasight delivers a new song titled, “Saints & Sinners”. After the release of his sophomore album Big Trouble, he delivers a track that speaks on his flaws and wrong doings, but shows that sometimes the things that makes us not perfect, makes us perfect for that special someone. Listen