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Tech: $20,000 Can Get You A REAL Hoverboard

hoverboard, skywalker, arcaboard

It’s good to see that we are on the right target to where the movie Back To The Future says we would be in 2015. In 2015, hoverboards, or Skywalkers many like to call them were the new thing many people were looking to get their hands on this year. Even though they didn’t float above land, skywalkers took singular transportation to another level as many could be seen throughout the city smoothly rolling through the streets. Now ARCA Space Corporation takes things to another level as they announce the creation of the ArcaBoard. View More


Tech: Mokacam Sets To Release The World’s Smallest 4K Camera


Mokacam Sets To Release The World’s Smallest 4K Camera

When it comes to on the go movement, GoPro has taken over by a storm for many who are adventurous and on the go. Well now Mokacam sets out to take on the competitior and up the stakes as the set to release the world’s smallest 4K Camera that helps to capture beautiful settings and videos in ultra-high definition. Made with a rotating screen and a magnetic snap-on battery, Mokacam’s 4K battery already gives the user a better hands on experience as well allowing the user to shoot for longer hours without anytime missed in between. View More

Tech: PhotoFast Launches iOS microSD Card Reader To Handle Your iPhone Storage Needs

photofast ios micro sd card reader for apple iphones

PhotoFast Launches iOS microSD Card Reader

In today’s world, many people use their phones for literally every single thing in their life, but mostly for entertainment and to stay social with the world. With doing so much on our phones, many have come to experience having to delete much-loved pictures, videos, apps and more just to make room for something need at that one time. With Andriod, you are at least able to get a sd card that can hold more memory, but with Apple iPhones you basically just SOL. Now, the leading iOS storage manufacturer based in Taiwan, PhotoFast helps to alleviate that problem as they release the iOS microSD Card Reader that is small, unique and allows you to store information from your iPhone to another convenient location to be able to go back to while on the go. Read More

Tech: Sennheiser Aims To Deliver The Perfect Sound With The New HD 800 S Headphones

sennheiser hd 800 s headphones - best headphones

Sennheiser’s New HD 800 S Headphones

The Sennheiser HD 800 is cherished by music lovers throughout the world for its brilliant sound image and impressive spatiality. With the HD 800 S, the audio specialist now presents a new version, which even surpasses the listening experience of its predecessor: Acoustically, the proven transducer technology and the innovative earcup design of the HD 800 are still being employed, while the sound image has once again been further optimized in the medium and low frequency range. Sennheiser has also enhanced the equipment level of the HD 800 S with the addition of a symmetrical XLR4 cable. The color was also slightly changed: the earcups of the new model are resplendent in a premium matte-black finish. Read More

MOVADO Gears Up For The Digital Age Releasing 3 New Smartwatches


Swiss watchmaker, Movado now comes part of the smartwatch family. Know for their clean style and quality, Movado shows that they are truly watchmakers who is able to develop with the times and technology and still keep their unique look. Even though they never came apart of the digital number age, which I feel made them unique and kept them upscale, Movado has created new smartwatches that still has their one of a kind look all while being able to do much of the things other smartwatches can do today. View More

Drake Becomes Spotify’s Most Streamed Artist Of 2015!

drake, tour, juvenile, dallas, whycauseican

Drake is having one Hell of a year! After claiming a spot on the Forbes 30 highest earning artist in 2015 and their 2015’s ‘Hip Hop Cash Kings’ list, Drake also has come Spotify‘s most streamed artist of the year.  Read More

Product Review: Cheero’s ‘Power Plus 3’ Is The Go-To Portable Charger For People On The Go

Cheero recently released their new Power Plus 3 portable battery charger. Online, it has already received some good reviews about its quality. So with doing a lot of running around in the city of Atlanta when it goes to events, meetings, private events and more, we wanted to put the Cheero Power Plus 3 through a real test and see if it was everything people have been stating.

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Tech: Facebook Presents A New Way to Discover & Share Music With “Music Stories”

facebook 'music stories' discover and share new music

Facebook looks to connect themselves more with the music industry as this morning they announced their new featured called “Music Stories” which allows users to discover new music and share tracks with their friends. Intergrating with Spotify and Apple Music, “Music Stories” provides a 30-second preview of shared songs that can be played directly on the Facebook platform. Read More

Tech: Easily Make Video Mashups on Your Phone with The SPUN App

video mashups, kanye mashup videos, drake mashup videos

Thanks to popular memes and video mashups of celebrities like Drake, Meek Mill, Kanye, Beyonce and many more, plus viral videos online, video mashups have come the most hilarious things to create, with memes, that are online. Even though they can be time consuming in many occassions, some have made it a norm for themselves to complete and continue to entertain others as they are posted on social medias and blogs. Now, video mashups may come a lot simpler for everyone as the Spun App helps you to create video mashups in a much easier way. View More

Tech: The Phone X Smartphone Gears Up To Change The Way You Connect

 Cwesley co, phone x
Phone X is a new smartphone where apps work together to manage your life. Apps push information to your new hubs based on your preferences. Create a hub for social medias, work, news, music or whatever you like.

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